Managing Research Projects

Managing Research Projects

Choosing the type of meeting


Being clear about the purpose of the meeting will determine the process and affect its overall effectiveness.

 Aim of meeting


Build Trust and Respect in a Team
  • Implementing a team building opportunity early in the project team formation will establish good team working relationships and overall project success.
Conflict Resolution
  • Establish team ground rules at the outset of the meeting.
Crisis Management
  • Has the crisis already happened or could it be avoided?
 Information Giving 
    • The chair will set the agenda and direct the meeting.
    • Call a meeting if it is important that all people hear the same message at the same (a particular) time.

    Generate Discussion

    • Team lead will be in the form of facilitation, most of the input will come from the team members. 
    • Use appropriate tools to generate open and honest discussion.
    • Consider best time of day or day of week to hold meeting. 
    • Avoid meetings very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
    • Keep the goal in mind and work backwards.
    • Make sure all necessary participants are involved.
    Project Progress
    • Ensuring input from all members is essential to team accepting respective responsibilities. 
    • Accurate recording.
    Reaching Decisions/Agreeing actions
    • Allow time for all to put their point across.
    • Aim to keep meeting on track and on time.
    • Members may need to be ‘encouraged’ to take responsibility for actions. 
    • Keep a record (minutes) of the meeting that shows the allocation of actions and circulate promptly.
    Sharing ideas
    • Team member input to agenda will be essential, as will their participation in the meeting. 
    • Good facilitation/encouragement skills will be required.
    To celebrate
    • All people who contributed to success are invited, not just those on the team

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