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Youth Transitions

Individual Interview 6


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Interview 6 Schedule


By this time, the research team was highly aware of the study's status as a qualitative longitudinal (QL) study and some members had been involved in developing debate and initiatives relating to QL research and methods in the UK and internationally [International Journal of Social Research Methods – Special issue on Longitudinal Qualitative Methods 6 (3); Feasibility Study for a Possible Qualitative Longitudinal Study. This engagement and learning coincided with team agreement to resist the temptation to continue collecting data whilst a veritable data ‘mountain’ had yet to be fully analysed. With this in mind, we drew on Saldana’s [Saldana, J. (2003) Longitudinal Qualitative Research: Analyzing change through time, Walnut Creek, Lanham, New York, Oxford: AltaMira Press] suggestions for conducting a final interview (whilst acknowledging that further data may be collected at some point in the future). We reviewed each interviewee's case profile with a view to checking the 'reality' of the key themes we had identified for each young person's narrative over time; and identifying the missing links or 'holes' in their story that needed to be followed up in the 'final' interview (N=64).


Youth Transitions








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Individual Interview 6

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