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Research Time
Youth Values
Sample Maintenance
Youth Transitions

Interim Sample Maintenance.

November 2001 - June 2002


The three local researchers responsible for the research sites continued to maintain contact through this period.  Methods and frequency of contact varied according to personal style and choice of methods throughout the decade of the research and this period was no exception. Each approached the issue of keeping a balance in the research relationship, so that there was enough, but not too much involvement, differently. Whilst one researcher continued to send birthday cards throughout, the other two discontinued this practice after the first three years.  Type of contact - e-mails, phone calls, text messages, postcards - varied according to young people's preferences as well as with technological access (and changes in this over time).  It was generally easier to maintain contact with young people from middle class backgrounds than working class. However, there was a difference in locations and environments in that the more stable working class sample in London were easier to maintain contact with than those from families living in the disadvantaged area in the north of England.