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Capturing Change Over Time
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Capturing Change Over Time: RESEARCH TIME


The Inventing Adulthoods study was not deliberately planned as a qualitative longitudinal study, it evolved as three consecutive studies were funded by the Economic and Social Research Council between 1996 and 2006 (five sites in England and Northern Ireland). A further study was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Trust between 2008 - 2010 (Northern Ireland only). The focus for investigation shifted across the four studies - from values, to adulthood, to social capital, to the impact of social and historical processes in Northern Ireland on young lives. Similarly, theoretical perspectives and methods of analysis, interpretation and representation also changed over the years in response to a maturing longitudinal dataset documenting changing lives, places and times. The research team, although with the same five women at its core throughout, also fluctuated in size and personnel over time - and a decade and a half saw many shifts and changes in these lives, both personal and professional.


In this section of the website, you can find out about the methodology for the entire study. Just click below on each of the component studies: Youth Values, Inventing Adulthoods, Youth Transitions and Growing Up in Northern Ireland.


If you want to know more about the five study Research Sites, the different study and method Samples, or questions such as Research Design, Analysis and Interpretation, Research Process and/or Research Relationship – go to Methodology


We would be grateful if you would reference the study if you draw on these methods in your own work.


When exploring research tools that were given directly to participants, it is important to remember that the first component study, Youth Values, was known to its participants as 'Respect' and that the second as 'Fast Forward' or <<ff>>. These tools (Questionnaire, Research Assignment, Classwork, Memorybooks) retain these titles.

















Youth Values


Inventing Adulthoods


Youth Transitions

Growing up in Northern Ireland