INT: So your mum hardly sees him (step dad) either?

No. She hasn’t got time to anyway, she’s busy (.) little children. She’s got her like (.) because like we stay - and my little baby cousin’s staying at my house at the moment as well. Because erm, his mum’s just moved in to a house. That’s my auntie that my brother’s staying at.

INT: Yeah.

And like she’s got two children (.) and like one’s like seven or eight months and the other one’s like one. So it’s kind of close together. So he’s like staying over my house at the moment - the one-year old. So my mum’s busy looking after him all day-

INT: Gosh.

-and then she has to like leave him at home with my little sister or with my big sister and she goes and collects the little children, and then comes back and like has to go out and stuff like that. [CLEARS THROAT] So it’s a busy lifestyle.

(Su, Int 2)