"...like me being Vietnamese in England, it’s kind of like a bit confusing for me cause if I’m over here, I’ll always be classed as a British oriental, or British Vietnamese person, and like I’ll never be seen as fully British or fully Vietnamese, cause I’ve always got something in me, even though I’m not like actually in my blood, but like actually, just because of where I live and stuff, and if I go to Vietnam, then I won’t be classed as fully Vietnamese, and I wouldn’t be classed as fully British, cause I’m Vietnamese so I’d be classed as a Vietnamese English person, or Vietnamese British person, so it’s kind of always be a mix of something, cause like when I’m over here I think I’d rather be fully Vietnamese, like fully seen as Vietnamese person, cause like with being kinda a bit British, they kind of expect me to act a certain way and like with Vietnamese, you act differently, and when I’m over in Vietnam, then I’d prefer to be fully Vietnamese as well, cause they’d treat me kind of as a person of theirs, instead of being like, oh I’m like a half person, more or less it makes me feel like I’m mixed race, being mixed race person, even though I’m not."

(Su, Int 3)