"But there’s the Vietnamese scheme where I get paid for like going to take kids out so.

INT: And do you get money from anywhere else? [ ]

I do Vietnamese dance so um, which is like learning and when we perform, I get money for that and if I, cause usually like the lady’s like ill or whatever so I have to introduce like the dances as well so because I introduce it, I get extra money cause the other kids are sort of under-confident so I’m the only one that can stand up and go, ‘yes, this is the next dance’.[ ]

INT: Cause how often do you perform the dance? [ ]

No it depends on like um if like any kind of places have like certain occasions like usually @Chinese New Year we have a few performances um around Christmas time, Black History month, like, you know like women’s day stuff like that. So like certain special event we usually like perform."

(Su, Int 4)