In @@Cork##? I never really was well networked, there is, I suppose there’s a few things I could call in, my @@relatives## they do know people in @@Cork## but I wouldn’t really want to call in a favour there they're old and stuff, don’t really want them to go looking for a job for me but I’d say that I’d form my own networks gradually over time and I already feel that @@Cork##’s my place do you know what I mean, so I’d like it if I had (..) see if went out and got myself a job then whatever form networks from that, my own that I made myself I’d be even more proud of that. You’re not living in anyone’s shadow at all, not that I am here but you know the way it’s not like I’m working with people who know your mammy and daddy, there’s none of that, it’s nice to be your own person. (Maeve Interview 5)