Street violence/ recreational rioting
Naw, just people ‘Right then, we’re going up to @@Leanan Drive## the night; the cops at the elections; we’re getting onto the cops and this time we’ll finish them off and all…People will - with your cars - not in the school - if you're outside the school you’d get sieved, petrol cap-  get a crow bar or a bar, bust that, stick a pipe in, start sucking the water up, spit it out the petrol, get a tank and start squeezing like that there and your petrol's just all pumped out of it and you make petrol bombs or whatever.  Try and hit them on the wheels, try to get the engine but the engine's usually covered.  You can get the wee air filter if it's going at high speed and you hit the front of it, it might go onto the engine, (.) depends.

INT: So do you think you'll be there tonight or what?

I'll be going to watch.  I ain't getting into any bother.

INT: Is there a danger if you go to watch that you'll be pulled into it?

If you stand up beside the shop you're grand, but they'll all be up at @@Leanan Drive##  in the people's houses as well .... there might be shooting, I don't know, it depends how bad it is. (Luke Interview 1)