Alcohol culture
I enjoy drinking. I don't enjoy drinking an amount were I'd be unconscious or whatever. Because two nights ago my friend nearly died drinking. He had a ten glass bottle of vodka. Twice he's had a drink in his life, and this is his third time, and he drink it raw. Once he starts drinking he can't stop, he doesn't know when to start. He needed his stomach pumped. The hospital said if you hadn't taken him up to the hospital he would have died. (Luke Interview 2)

More friends. I’ve got one group that live down in the @@interface area## but they’re mostly all off their heads like, good crack to go out with you know, they’re just all wired like, all they do is drink, they tap off their mother and father and then they save their money during the week and then they drink in the weekends then, ( ) good crack. (Luke Interview 3)