I feel wild bad at the minute because they (parents) must have saved a fortune [LAUGHS] when I went over there cause all they paid for, well they gave me money to go over and they paid my ticket but like I more or less lived off myself but since I come home I've been just asking for money all the time and I feel really bad about it and then they give me the car so I have to get a job now so erm. No I get money when I need it, when I ask for it more or less and they put petrol in the car so but erm, my boyfriend, he pays for a lot of my stuff too, which is, I don't ask him for it, he just does things like that he just pays for everything (.) I don't even know I must have got about £100 last week [LAUGHS]. I get new clothes and stuff and just £20 every time, every night I go out and put money in the car and stuff, I just, I've no value for money, absolutely none and I would love someone to teach me [LAUGHS] to have value for money  (Carol Interview 2)