Frequently Asked Questions

In the following is a list of frequently asked questions aimed at alerting web resource authors/creators/developers to various issues concerning web resource design & development, IPR & Copyright, author's and owner's rights etc.

Who are these guidelines for? 
How to decide if it is worth "restoring" a web resource? 
How does ReStore assess the quality of online resources? 
What are Intellectual Property Rights? 
How does IPR apply to my online resources? 
What sort of things should I do to manage the IPR in the resource? 
What are ReStore's IPR requirements? 
Surely by posting something openly on their website they have given me the absolute right to use it? 
My project website has been up for years and we have never been sued so what is all the fuss about? 
Do the funders of my work have any requirements? 
It is not possible to identify who the author is or who owns the copyright so can I use it how I please?