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Please answer the following questions as fully as possible to help us to customise our Geo-Refer learning resources to your research needs. There are twelve questions in total and all appear on this page.

Part 1 - Personal Information

In order to allow us to assign a valid URL to your customised tutorial page, please enter your full email address and a title for the tutorial (using letters, numbers, dot, underscore or space) in the boxes below. The URL of the page will be automatically sent your email address when the form is completed.

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Your discipline

Below is the list of main disciplines and subjects recognised by ESRC. If you are working within the social sciences (whether or not from within the academic sector), please choose the nearest subject(s) to your own project/study. Your answer will help us to search for examples relevant to your interests.

Area and Development Studies Demography
Economics Economic and Social History
Education Environmental Planning
Human Geography Linguistics
Management and Business Studies Political Science and International Studies
Psychology Social Anthropology
Social Policy Social Work
Socio-Legal Studies Sociology
Science and Technology Studies Statistics, Methods and Computing
Arts and Humanities Biological Sciences
Engineering Physical Sciences incl. Astronomy and Particle Physics
Environmental Sciences Medical Sciences
Discipline outside the social sciences not listed above  

Your sector

Please tell us in which sector you are working. This may affect the range and/or cost of datasets available to you.

Academic Public sector
Not for profit Commercial

Your status

Please tell us your status of employment/study.

Student on taught course Research student
Research staff Academic staff

Your location/affiliation

Are you a student or employee of a UK organization? (Please note that the Geo-Refer resources are primarily geared towards the needs of UK-based researchers.)

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Part 2 - Your Geographical Referencing Needs

The questions in this part are designed to help us best identify the information and guidance you require. Answer each question as far as possible in relation to your own research. If you are not sure of the answer to any question, select "Don't know".

What do you want to do?

This question helps us to understand the types of geographical referencing task(s) you need to undertake. You may check as many boxes from any part of the grid as seem relevant to your project: it is not necessary to include options from every row. If you are not yet sure exactly which options apply to you, use one or more of the "Don't know" boxes. For example, if you know that you need to produce a map, but are not sure what types of data are involved, check the "Don't know" box in the "Mapping" row.

Think about your geographical data. Are they...
...already mapped (e.g. paper, image)?
...lists of names or codes?
...yet to be collected by researcher?
Don't know about geographical data
Do you want to link... for points to other points? for areas to other areas? for points to data for areas (or vice versa)?
Don't know about data linkage needs
Do you want to create a map of... for points? for areas?
...background features?
Don't know about mapping needs


Software availability

Which of the following software packages are you likely to be able use for this work? We will attempt to provide examples most relevant to your software. Please check all that apply.

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access
SPSS ESRI ArcGIS (including ArcInfo, ArcView)
MapInfo GeoConvert
SASPAC (including MapShore) Other Software

Types of geographical references

Tell us about the types of geographical references which appear in your datasets. Please check all that apply.

Geographical coordinate data e.g. Ordnance Survey grid references or latitude/longitude
Data collected by a GPS or other satellite positioning tool
Physical copy of map, plan or image (with or without grid referencing system)
Digital representation of map, plan or image (with or without grid referencing system)
Postal codes e.g. 'SO17 1BJ' or 'SO17'
Postal addresses e.g. '10 Downing Street, Whitehall, London, SW1'
Place names e.g. 'Stratford-upon-Avon', 'Hampshire', 'Borough of Bromley', 'Kerrier District'
Census area codes or names e.g. output areas, wards, etc.
Other administrative or statistical areas e.g. primary care trusts, parliamentary constituencies, super output areas
Telephone numbers e.g. '0207 222 1234'
Don't know
Other (please specify)

Years of study

Please enter the start and end years covered by your datasets. The "End year " can be the same as, or greater than, the "Start year ".

Start Year:     End Year:

Geographical extent of study

With which region(s) in the UK is the study concerned? Choose all the areas that apply.

Northern Ireland
Don't know
Outside UK (please specify)

Additional keywords

Please enter upto five additional keywords or keyphrases which might help us to profile your research needs. For example, these may be fields of study (e.g. Health, Deprivation), datasets which you know you will be using (e.g. UKBORDERS, Digimap) or types of areas (e.g. data zones, enumeration districts).

Keyword 1:  

Keyword 2:  

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