Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ReStore?

The ReStore project is funded by ESRC and hosted by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) hub in Southampton. The objective is to establish an online service and play a leading role in sustaining and promoting online resources beyond their normal period of funding from ESRC.


What does ReStore do?

The ReStore project is involved in building a prototype of an online service for sustaining online resources primarily in the field of research methods. It also aims to lead the development of a long term strategy for ESRC in sustaining online resources.


What is an online resource?

An online resource in the field of research methods typically contains web pages, workshop materials, tutorial materials, audio/video files, methodology papers and presentations sample datasets, etc.


Whose resource will be sustained?

ReStore will give active consideration to the inclusion of any resource that falls within the broad remit of research methods. We have a specific remit to work with resource authors from the Research Methods Programme, National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and Researcher Development Initiative and would not normally be able to maintain resources which were not funded by ESRC. We are happy to talk with resource authors whose projects are at any stage of development and indeed recommend that consideration be given to sustainability issues from the very conception of a project.


What is the 'ReStoration' process?

The ReStoration process entails preparing (fixing, updating, editing) web pages and physically relocating the actual content of the web resource into the ReStore repository website. The process begins after a web resource has been accepted in principle for inclusion into the ReStore repository.


Who are web resource authors or project teams?

Most of our resource authors are the principal investigators of ESRC-funded projects in the area of social science research methods. Project teams include co-investigators, research fellows and assistants, IT staff and external consultants who together produce the content and technical infrastructure to assemble research methods resources on the web.


How long is a web resource maintained for?

We initially ReStore web resource for 3 years and based on a review of usage and content, we are able to continue hosting/maintaining the resource beyond this.


Who are immediate beneficiaries?

All users of research methods benefit from the ReStore project. Not only do the user communities of the original resources benefit from updating, maintenance and increased searchability but ReStore is able to more actively promote the entire ReStore collection to the research community. The exact user groups vary between individual resources but extend beyond academic researchers and students to social science researchers in all sectors who are seeking freely accessible methodological guidance and reference material.


Is ReStore part of NCRM?

ReStore is working under the umbrella of National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), which is a network of research groups, each conducting research and training in social science research methods. The ReStore award is held by a subset of the NCRM hub team, led by NCRM co-director David Martin.


Want to get in touch about your web resource?

If you are working on a project funded by ESRC and think the ReStore team may be able to help, please either mail us at or call us on 023 80 59 7473.