What do we ReStore?

ESRC invests heavily in research methods projects which create, as part of their activities, online training and resource materials, often with considerable interactive or reference-value content. Typically, the development of an on-line resource is time-consuming and expensive and the full value of the resource only comes into play close to the point at which funding ends.

To ensure that the resource remains available online for a considerable period of time, the ReStore team work with the resource authors and prepare the resource for ReStoration.


Our Aims

Our aims are to preserve, sustain and actively maintain selected online research methods resources beyond their initial funding period. We take on the medium-term hosting and maintenance of selected resources, ensuring that they are technically functional and academically up-to-date. We ensure the above by carrying out periodic reviews and updating in collaboration with the resource authors. Wherever possible, we aim to work collaboratively with the original authors of the resources.


What does a typical resource contain?

Web resources in the field of research methods typically contain web pages, workshop materials, tutorial materials, audio/video files, methodology papers and presentations sample datasets, etc. For more details please refer to our guidance materials.


Want to get in touch about your web resource?

If you are working on a project funded by ESRC and think the ReStore team may be able to help, please either mail us at info@restore.ac.uk or call us on 023 80 59 7473.