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This page features occassional notices of other events which may be of interest to members of the Scottish Social Survey Network. To submit an event for inclusion on this page please email Paul Lambert or Vernon Gayle.

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Henceforth (from Jan 2010) we plan to only used this 'External events' page for occassional announcements. Now that the AQMeN Network is up and running, and given that both it and the UK's NCRM maintain very full relevant listings of other events, we don't plan ordinarily to duplicate listings further on this page.


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6 - 10 April 2010: Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data (St Andrews)
Title:  Training workshop: Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data

Organised by the Scottish Health Informatics Platform

Principal Instructor: Professor D'Arcy Holman (Univ. Western Australia)

Event flyer (pdf)

This is an intensive five-day course on the theory and practice of analysis of large sets of linked health or social data at an intermediate to advanced level. Advanced principles of epidemiology are combined with hands-on practical exercises in the implementation of computing solutions. This course follows on directly from the highly successful Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data course run by Professor Holman in St Andrews from12-16 September 2009.

Venue:  St Andrews University
Time:  6 - 10th April 2010

Online registration via

Workshop fee: £240/£120.





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5th - 8th July 2010: Research Methods Festival (Oxford)
Title:  ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, Research Methods Festival 2010

Organised by the National Centre for Research Methods.

Director: Prof. Graham Crow, Univ. Southampton

Talks by over 100 invited speakers, including plenaries, 'what if' taster sessions, and focussed workshop. Provisional list of sessions include workshops on Survey Resources; Multilevel Modelling; Analysis of Crime Data; Collaborative Analysis of Micro-Data; Latent Class Analysis. For more information see the Festival website.

Venue:  St Catherine's College, Oxford
Time:  5th - 8th July 2010







19 November 2008: 5th KnowFife Research Fair
Title:  5th KnowFife Research Fair

Further details to be confirmed.


Time:  19 November 2008, final programme / times to be confirmed.




24-25 August 2009: Data Management for Social Survey Research: Two-day training workshop

(Event flyer)


Data Management for Social Survey Research

A two day training workshop presented by the DAMES Research Node, 'Data Management through e-Social Science'


Dr Paul Lambert, University of Stirling

Prof. Vernon Gayle, University of Stirling

 - and others tbc


This workshop is concerned with the topic of 'data management'. This phrase is used here to refer to processes involved in the preparation and development of data resources for the purposes of analysis. These activities, typically undertaken by social scientsts as part of the research process, include tasks such as coding and recodig data, matching data files, and 'cleaning' data. Such processes are a central part of social survey research projects, but are often neglected from methodological attention.

This workshop is run by the ESRC's National Centre for e-Social Science 'DAMES' Research Node ('Data Management through e-Social Science'). That Node is engaged in a number of projects connected to important tasks of data management. These include specialist case studies in topics covering data on occupations; educational qualifications; ethnicity and migration; social care; and health and mental health. For further details see the DAMES website description of 'project themes'.

The workshop will seek to define a methodology of data management; to provide important software training (using Stata) in data management routines and good practice; to give detailed instruction on data management in specialist topics including dealing with data on occuaptions, educational qualifications, and ethnicity; and to highlight the contribution (real and potential) of 'e-Social Science' resources for data management.

The workshop is suitable for any social science researchers involved in the analysis of complex social survey data with any interest in developing their skills and understanding of the important process of data management.




University of Stiring


1000hrs on 24 August 2009, until 1600hrs on 25 August 2009

(Participants of this workshop may also be interested in combining it with the SSSN Master Class of 26th August 2009)


Registration fee of £30. Participants must arrange their own travel or accomodation. For further booking information, see the DAMES Node Website and its 'news' page.







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