Scottish Social Survey Network: Seminars

The Scottish Social Survey Network seminar series will include 10 seminars held over the period 2007-2010, usually 2 per semester. Seminars will ordinarily run for 2 hours and feature two related papers (one applied substantive paper and one with a methodological focus in a similar field).

Seminars will ordinarily be held on Thursdays 3-5pm. Usual dates for the seminars will be January, May, September and December.


Seminar summary:

Seminar and Link
Date and Location
3 May 2007; Univ. Stirling
Vernon Gayle; Robert Wright
6 Sept. 2007; Univ. Stirling
Lindsay Patterson; Gary Pollock
24 Jan. 2008; Univ. Stirling
Janette Purbrick; Mairi MacAskill; Ian Mate; Beth MacMaster; Julie Ramsay; Karren Freil

Seminar 4

1 May 2008; Univ. Edinburgh
Alison Smith; Paul Norris
23 Oct. 2008; Univ. Stirling
Harry Ganzeboom
20 Nov. 2008; Napier Univ.
Ron McQuaid and Robert Raeside; Paul Bradshaw
8 Jan. 2009; Univ. Stirling

Lin Hattersley;

Maarten van Ham and David Manley;

4 Jun. 2009; Univ. Stirling

Bob Blackburn and Girts Racko; Paul Lambert

17/18 Sep. 2009; Univ. Stirling
Mike Pearson; Christian Steglich; David Griffiths
27 Nov. 2009; Univ. Stirling
Fiona Steele; Ligaya Batten
28 Jan. 2010; Univ. Stirling
Ayse Guveli; Ross Bond

     25 Mar.. 2010; Univ. Stirling

            4.00 pm - 5.15 pm

               Michele Haynes




Next seminar:

Listing of previous seminars (with downloadable files when available):












Seminar 9: Thursday 28th January 2010, University of Stirling, 3-5pm

Talk 1:

Religiosity of Turks in Europe

Ayse Guveli

Department of Sociology, University of Essex



Talk 2:

Researching national identities of minorities in Scotland and the UK: Promise and problems?

Ross Bond

School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh


Future seminars: Call for expressions of interest

We are keen to hear from colleagues within the network who would like to present a paper to one of the seminars, and/or who would like to suggest their institution for hosting one of the meetings.

Usually the seminars will take place on Thursday afternoons in January, May, September and December - but there is some flexibility.



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