Scottish Social Survey Network: Master Classes

The Scottish Social Survey Network will organise a series of Master Classes. The Master Classes will be led by an international expert in social survey data analysis.


The Master classes will cover the following topics:




Master Class 6 Analysing Complex Social Surveys: Thursday 25th March 2010*






Master Class 1 on 'Data Analysis using Stata': Wednesday 23rd January 2008





Master Class 2 on 'Panel Data Analysis': Wednesday 30th April 2008





Master Class 3 on 'The Contribution of Multilevel Modelling': Wednesday 26th November 2008





Master Class 4 on 'Methods to Estimate Causal Effects'

Wednesday 26th August 2009





Affiliate Master Class and conference on 'Social Network Analysis': Thursday/Friday 17-18th September 2009



Master Class 5 Missing Data and Multiple Imputation: Thursday 19th November 2009*



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