Improving Policy Responses to Socio-Economic Challenges

Instructions to authors

Researchers are invited to provide an account of their international research project for inclusion in the databank. Authors are asked to conform as closely as possible to the following guidelines:
Case studies should be of between 4–5,000 words (excluding key search terms and references).

Content and structure

The headings in Part 1 of the Framework should be respected as closely as possible to facilitate on-line production and searching. The questions should be used selectively to guide authors through the methodological issues raised by international comparative research that are relevant to their project.
The key search terms in Part 2 of the Framework are not exhaustive but should be used as a guide to select the most appropriate terms that will enable readers to identify case studies reflecting their interests.
Authors retain copyright of their papers and should complete and return the Permissions Form with their contribution (link to Word version of ReStore form).


Case studies will be converted to html (CHECK with ReStore). To facilitate the conversion, authors are asked to observe the follow instructions:
Use Microsoft Word, Arial 10 points (or whatever is preferred by ReStore).
Page numbers should be placed at the bottom of pages.
Do not include headers.
Avoid any special effects and character spacing.
Use the bold headers provided in the Framework, and do not number paragraphs.
As the Case Studies are expected to have a long ‘shelf’ life, avoid using imprecise references to temporal events, for example: instead of ‘recently’, use ‘in 2010’; instead of ‘in the past 10 years’, use ‘in the 2000s’.
Write numbers of 10 or more as figures. Use figures for fractions and percentages. Avoid beginning a sentence with a number or date. Use 70% rather than 70 per cent or 70 %.
Do not use double spaces at the ends of sentences. Use – … – for explanations within a sentence. Avoid excessive use of brackets.